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  Kristy's Pet sitting offers a variety of services.
  Please view my Policies page for more information. Policies include deposits, cancellations, pickup/drop off times, holiday rates, and more. Please note that prices are subject to change. Prices are effective 1/1/08. All Vacation Services take place at Kristy's Pet Sitting. We do not travel to your home unless you would like us to transport your pet. I will barter!

Dog Vacations

Dog Vacations: Kristy’s Pet Sitting, LLC offers dog vacations for your dog or family of dogs. Please check the availability calendar for dog vacations. Services include feeding on your schedule (please bring your own food), administering any medications (such as shots, pills, drops, etc.), playtime, posting pictures/videos on facebook for your viewing pleasure, etc. Pick up or drop off time is between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm.
    Service – Dog Vacations  


    1 Dog   $30.00  
    2 Dogs   $45.00  
    3+ Dogs     2 dog rate of$45.00
  + $10 per addtl. dog
  Late drop off or pick up   $10.00  

Other Pet Vacations

Other Pet Vacations: Kristy’s Pet Sitting, LLC will board your pet(s) with the exception of cats. Your pet(s) will be kept in a separate room from my dogs or any visiting dogs. Services include feeding on your schedule (please bring your own food), administering any medications, playtime, etc. Ask for a discount if your dogs are already vacationing with us.

    Service – Pet Vacations  

Price per Day

    1 Pet   $10.00  
    2 or more Pets   $10.00 + 5 per additional pet  
    Late drop off or pick up  




Private Playtime
  Private Playtime: While your dogs are vacationing with us, you can arrange to have Kristy’s Pet Sitting play with your dogs or pets privately in 15-minute sessions. This means her dogs will not be present for the playtime. This service is offered but not needed for pets to get adequate exercise.
    Service – Private


    15-minutes for 1 Pet  


    15-minutes for 2 Pets  


    15-minutes for 3+ Pets  



Training Sessions
  Training Sessions: Kristy’s Pet Sitting, LLC offers training services for your dog at our facility. We use positive reinforcement for our Basic training. We can come to your place for additional travel fees. Please ask for more details.

Agility training is done off site on your equipment. Please ask for more details.

We also will help you to socialize your dog at our facility. We can always help with socialization off site for additional travel fees. Please ask for more details.

Playtime is done at Kristy's Pet Sitting and can be billed in 15 minute increments.
($5.00 per 15 minutes)
    Service – Training


    Basic Obedience   $30.00  
    Agility   $30.00  
    Socialization   $25.00  
    Playtime   $20.00  
  Transportation: You can arrange to have Kristy’s Pet Sitting pick up, drop off, or even take your pets to the vet for an additional charge. However, due to the space in my vehicle, I can only transport small to medium size dogs as well as other small pets. Pets must travel well in a crate. Mileage will be calculated ahead of time using Google Maps
    Service – Transportation  


    1-way trip  

$20.00 + $0.50 per mile

    Round Trip  

$30.00 + $0.50 per mile

The Benefits of Hiring a Pet Sitter

Kristy's Pet Sitting provides a convenient and stress free alternative to boarding your pets while you're traveling. We tailor your pet's visit to your pet and your specific needs. Our goal is to exceed your expectations with every request that you have for your pet.


Professional pet and home sitting is not an economy care option and we realize it may not be in everyone's budget. However, it's a small price considering the peace of mind and convenience provided by experienced, insured, responsible, reliable, and dedicated pet and home care professionals. Please feel free to contact us at

Additional Information


Availability Calendar


Limited Room Available!

We typically only allow one family of dogs to stay with us at a time. That means we have one or two dogs vacationing with us. Sometimes, I will have other pets (rabbits, hamsters, etc.) staying with us when we have a family of dogs.

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